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About Us


We have experience to deliver the best service to our clients from last 16 years!!

Over a career spanning about 16 years, Mithun Avinash Jathal, , has worked with some of the most reputed organizations in Banking and Financial services industry such as ICICI Bank, HDFC Life and TATA AIA Life. He has the experience of working in various departments right from Sales, Relationship Management, Best Practices as well as Training & Development.

On the Education front, he has completed his MBA (with specialization in Marketing). Other noteworthy qualifications to his credit include LOMA (Life Office Management Association), LUTCF (Life Underwriters Training Council Fellow), NISM (National Institute of Securities Marketplace) and NSDL.

In addition to providing Investment Planning Services to his clients, Mithun Avinash Jathal also is empanelled as a “Consultant Trainer” with leading Financial Services organizations.

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It has always been said that Indians are the best savers. On an average, a working Indian saves about 25% of his monthly income. However, when it comes to Investment, the same is not necessarily true.

This is because most of the Investment Planning done in India is not in a planned, structured way. It is often done spontaneously and haphazardly and not clearly linked to any financial goal or milestone. Most of the times investment is either done in traditional instruments such as Bank Savings Account/Bank Fixed Deposits (which do not yield returns that are able to counter inflation) or directly in Stock Markets (basis some unreliable tips by unauthorized stock brokers or friends or colleagues)

It has also been observed that when a client who is completely a novice (beginner) in the field of investments, his first “Go To” place to seek advice is his Bank. However, it is a common practice even for a Bank Relationship Manager to only sell (rather push) products which are more profitable for the bank itself and not necessarily keeping in mind the clients core need. Hence, this raises a question mark on the issue of need-based selling and integrity which are the 2 strong pillars of Investment Planning

We specialize in Goal-Based comprehensive Investment Planning for each client of ours. While meeting and interacting with each client, we always put ourselves in the clients’ shoes and “ALWAYS DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE CLIENT”.

We work on core values of a) Consumer Delight, b) Integrity and c) Confidentiality

“A Profession cannot be driven by the passion to make money. The passion to change society is far more Important”

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